Responsible Use & Resistance

Bimeda are an internationally recognised producer of veterinary medicines, using the highest quality raw materials in FDA and EMA approved premises, to ensure that all our products, including the Tetroxy range, are produced to the highest standards.

As an ethical company Bimeda are concerned about the potential effects that the over-use  and the inappropriate use of antibiotics can have on our animals, the consumer and the environment. Therefore Bimeda encourages the safe and appropriate use of Tetroxy LA and all antibiotics.

Tetroxy LA should not be over used  and should only be used under veterinary advice in cases where there are bacterial infections which are likely to respond to Oxytetracycline treatment. Tetroxy L.A. Injection is administered by deep intramuscular injection at the rate of 1 ml per 10kg bodyweight which is equivalent to 20mg Oxytetracycline per kg which allows effective blood levels to be  maintained for up to 72 hours in cattle and 48 hours in pigs and sheep.

Due to the sustained blood levels attained from one treatment , this is a single dose treatment which ensures good compliance and reduces the risk of an  incomplete treatment course and sub-therapeutic doses; both of which can lead to resistance issues.

The product should be used as is advised on the label, and under-dosing should also be avoided. The full dose(1ml per 10kg) should be administered  to avoid sub-therapeutic levels of oxytetracycline being given.

Sub-therapeutic levels could lead to:

  • Poor response to treatment
  • Increased risk of resistance in the future

Withdrawal Periods

The withdrawal periods for milk and meat should be noted and obeyed and the product should be used as per the label instructions.

This will ensure that there is no risks of oxytetracycline  entering the food chain above the MRL and will ensure no risk to the consumer of antibiotic residues from inappropriate use of this registered veterinary medicine.