Responsible Use & Resistance

Bimeda is an internationally recognized producer of veterinary medicines, using the highest quality raw materials in FDA and EMA approved premises, to ensure that all our products, including the Tetroxy range, are produced to the highest standards.

As an ethical company, Bimeda is concerned about the potential effects that the overuse and the inappropriate use of antibiotics can have on our animals, the consumer and the environment. Therefore, Bimeda encourages the safe and appropriate use of Tetroxy products and all antibiotics.

Tetroxy® products should only be used under veterinary advice in cases where there are bacterial infections which are likely to respond to Oxytetracycline treatment: caution should be taken to avoid overuse.

Due to the sustained blood levels attained from one treatment, this is a single dose treatment which ensures good compliance and reduces the risk of an incomplete treatment course and sub-therapeutic doses; both of which can lead to resistance issues.

The product should be used as is advised on the label, and underdosing should also be avoided. The full dose should be administered to avoid sub-therapeutic levels of oxytetracycline.

Sub-therapeutic levels could lead to:

  • Poor response to treatment
  • Increased risk of resistance in the future

The withdrawal periods for milk and meat should be noted and obeyed ;the product should be used as per the label instructions.

This will help ensure that there is no risk of oxytetracycline entering the food chain above the MRL and will ensure no risk to the consumer of antibiotic residues from appropriate use of this registered veterinary medicine.

Bimeda Vet Dr. David Ellefson

  • Dr-David-Ellefson

    Dr. David Ellefson, DVM, is Director of Technical Services at Bimeda. He is passionate about animal health and the ethical use of products; a key element of his role is helping customers understand how a product is used most effectively. A former practicing veterinarian and practice owner, Dr. Dave has a wealth of experience in the animal health field with a full understanding of the issues and concerns facing veterinarians and animal owners.

    In this section, Dr. Dave provides advice on the responsible use of antibiotic products, such as Tetroxy®.