Tetroxy® LA Injection (POM)

(Oxytetracycline 200mg/ml solution for injection)

tetroxy la

Tetroxy® LA Injection is licensed for use in cattle, sheep and pigs. It is licensed for the treatment and control of disease processes where Oxytetracycline-susceptible bacteria are involved.

Tetroxy® LA Injection is long-acting, and provides 3 days’ antibiotic cover. If necessary, the long-acting treatment should be repeated after 72 hours.

Benefits of Tetroxy® LA Injection:

Highly Convenient For User:

  • One treatment is usually sufficient; reducing labour and number of injection sites
  • Ready-to-use. No mixing or refrigeration required
  • High syringe-ability. Injects well ,even at cold temperatures
  • Ease of administration – 1ml/10kg


  • Broad-spectrum activity of Oxytetracycline
  • Minimal irritancy – well tolerated in cattle, sheep and pigs
  • Rapid initial blood levels, followed by long-acting effect

For information on dosage, administration and contra-indications, see the data sheet.

Use Medicines Responsibly

Availabile in the following countries

  • Cambodia
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Morocco
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Africa (sold as Tetramax brand)
  • Thailand
  • Uganda
  • Uzbekistan
  • Vietnam
  • Zambia 
  • Zimbabwe (sold as Coopermycin brand)
  • Available Pack Sizes:

    List No. Pack Size
    1TET015 100mL

Withdrawal Periods:

  • Withdrawal Period Milk:
    7 days

  • Withdrawal Period Meat & Offal:
    Cattle - 28 days, Sheep - 28 days, Pigs - 21 days

  • Species Licensed For: